Five Hands

All Hands-in on the Sunny City Puzzle

Here you see the completed puzzle and the five hands of the five people who completed it. It is called The Sunny City and it was a Kickstarter that Dan bought, eventually got and then brought to the cabin. I didn’t participate except to the extent of offering moral support. By all tells, it is a fun and challenging puzzle and with the many days of cold, windy and inclement weather that we have experienced this summer, here on the shores of Lake Superior, this puzzle was and will be a welcomed relief. After the kids all leave, we look forward to recycling this puzzle with the next group of cabin visitors. Dan’s big news was that he has passed the test and is now eligible, with a few formalities to be inducted into the union that he has been working for, on a probationary basis, for too many years. He took the test just before coming to the cabin and only got the good news after he had arrived here. After taking the test he was not especially hopeful that he had passed it. There were too many arcane questions, like, how long is an eight-penny nail? He still has to take a class on the dos and don’ts of union work, pay his dues, like he hasn’t been doing that for years now, learn the secret handshake and get sworn in. Even after joining the union, he will still be doing the same sort of work that he has been doing all along. The big difference will be that he can now choose the projects that he will work. I also learned that last year he worked the movie, The Whale, starring Brendan Frazier. Frazier play a 600-pound gay man who is trying to reconnect with his younger daughter. I had heard about this movie even before this and sensed that it was getting a lot of buzz. Dan used to joke that the reason that he was having such a hard time getting into the union was that his parents were just not Italian enough. He must have been only half joking, because the union was placed under a consent degree and ordered to open its doors to different ethnicities. Part of the reason that this union is mired in the past is that it is old. It is one of the oldest in the industry. It’s first contract was with the Thomas Alva Edison Motion Picture Company.

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