Putt-Putt Golf

Putt-Putt Golf

Yesterday, was a beach day. First, though, we needed to refuel for some fun in the sun. We drove into Brimley and had breakfast at Jack’s Pub and Grub. Afterwards, the kids went back to the cabin, while Anne and I went on to the da-dump-da-dump-dump-dump. When we go back to the cabin, Dan and Britt were out sailing, while Maren and David were sunning and reading on the beach, Anne and I got our daily constitutional, walking up and down the beach. Around four, it was tee time and we all trooped into the Soo for some putt-putt. We all had fun. We were all about the same, that is not very good. Dinner was at Wicked Sister. Afterwards again, the kids went back to the cabin, while Anne and I did a late shop at Meijer’s. Dan and Britt were already out on the boat, by the time that we got back to the cabin. I had to call them back in after sunset, so that we could open Maren’s birthday presents and finish the puzzle together. It is raining today. One wave of storms has already sailed through, and I am racing to finish this post before the second one hits, in case we lose power.

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