Tahquamenon Falls

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Yesterday, was still a bit blustery, but not a beach day, at least it was dry. We all headed to Tahquamenon Falls. The kids launched first, with the plan to hike from the lower falls to the upper one. We followed later, intent to ferry their car to the upper fall’s parking lot. We spotted their RAV4 right away, but with some time to kill, we decided to explore the lower falls. It had been some years since we last visited the lower falls, even though we manage to do the upper falls almost every year. This year featured a brand-new shiny aluminum bridge to the island that divides the two main channels of the series of rapids that comprise the lower falls. I don’t think that I have ever been on the island before. In past years, you had to rent a rowboat and row out to the island. This year, the first year of the bridge, the boats were not running. I don’t think that they are doing away with them though, because workmen were constructing what looked like a new boathouse on the mainland. Other new construction underway at the lower falls includes new flush toilets and a gift shop. Cell service has improved remarkably at Tahquamenon, and we were able to communicate with the kids as they trekked upriver. When they were one mile out, Anne and I beat feet back to the parking lot and with dueling RAV4 SUVs, drove to the upper fall’s parking lot. We were all going to lunch together at the brewery at the upper falls, but that plan fell apart. A picture of the upper falls is included for completeness.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

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