Scaffolded Lighthouse

Point Iroquois Lighthouse Outfitted with Scaffolding

We finally launched at the butt-crack of noon, racing to get to the Brimley post office before its lunchtime closure. We just made it. Next up was an all-expense paid trip to the da-dump-da-dump-dump-dump. Then a brief refueling stop for some more go juice, courtesy of the Dancing Crane coffee house. Down the road, we lunched ourselves at the Big Pine picnic area and then on to Naomikong. We hiked to the bridge and stopped to talk with a crew of young people from the Great Lakes Climate Corps building boardwalks on the North Country Trail. We also saw Stan and Kay there and everyone knew Bill. On the way back, we toured the Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery. We had to stop at Point Iroquois, because its lighthouse tower is currently encased in scaffolding. They are repainting the tower and expect it to be closed for the summer. It looks positively medieval now. Back to the cabin for a brief rest stop, before venturing out again for fish tonight.

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