Last weekend, Anne and I had a Zoom meeting with the kids. We wanted to pin down their itineraries, for traveling to the cabin this summer. That bit of business finished, we started to share our news. I recounted the goings on here at the cabin, as written in this blog. Maren and Britt shared their respective work-related successes and new opportunities. Dan’s news is the subject of this post. It involved goings on around his and Britt’s apartment, in Bushwick. Around the 4th of July someone blew up their trash can, which was around the back of the building. So, they did not see it happen, but heard the very loud explosion. The trash can was blown apart. The other sketchy thing that occurred involved the corner gas station. This was at a different time than the trash can explosion. Not sure what triggered this event, but the gas station’s fire suppression system was set off. This fire suppression system is a halon-based system. Looking down from their fifth-floor viewpoint, the spreading halon gas can be seen low to the ground, creeping out away from the station. I wouldn’t want to be the man pictured in the middle of it all.

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