Who Are All of These Old People?

Last night, we went to our actual high school reunion event. It was held at the UAW hall in Saline. It has been a long time since we were attending an activity where all of the participants were all the same age. When we checked in, we were each handed a Memory Book, where many of our classmates had contributed a synopsis of what had transpired in their lives, in the past fifty years. Anne wrote hers first and since we had pretty much lived the same life and had the same story since high school, I just lifted her writeup, whole cloth. The book’s editor must have recognized this fact, because he addended the following blurb to both of our submissions. Our first date was the mentioned Bob Seger high school concert.

Editor’s Note: In a recent interview, Bob Seger said that his song “Night Moves” was inspired by a couple of high school kids he saw attending that 1972 concert at Pioneer High. Might well have been Mark and Anne, for as Bob recalls it: “They looked like they were working on mysteries without any clues/Just trying to make some front-page drive-in news.”

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