The Regenerist Sisters Zoom

False Bird of Paradise

Anne and her two sisters held a zoom conference call that I crashed. The general theme of the meeting was I Know What You Did Last Summer, but what are we all doing this summer? The girls kvetched through two free half-hour Zoom sessions and I occasionally interjected. Jay led the call, from her office, it being only slightly after regular west coast business hours. She was appropriately attired in biz casual. The rest of us were also wearing clothes, I somehow feel that I should mention that. There were lots of dates thrown about, which I pretty much spaced out about. Hey, it’s their cabin. I earned a few assignments though. I guess that I’ll be paying rent soon. Some things were settled, but much was left up in the air. Still though, technically it is not even summer yet. I am really looking forward to Jane’s gift of some Zingerman’s olive oil. Thank you, Jane!

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