Negative, then Positive

Dan and Britt couldn’t join Maren and David and us in Boston, because of Covid. First Britt tested positive and then when she was on the mend, Dan finally tested positive. Now, even Inky, their cat, shows signs of having Covid. Throughout most of the pandemic no one who I personally knew had caught the Coronavirus. I still don’t personally know of anyone who has died from this disease. Our family is all vaxed and boosted. There have been more than a million victims from the pandemic in this country. Some died before the vaccines were available. Many died after refusing to take the jab. A few have died even after being vaxed. Now, we are in the mist of another surge that is powered by yet another variant. Nationally, more than 100,000 Americans catch the virus every day. Thankfully, little more than 300 a day die from Covid, but that is still 300 every day, day after day. Most of us have come to learn to live with the Coronavirus. I myself have relaxed my precautions, relying more and more on my vaccination status, but as the virus continues to mutate that status continues to wane. I suppose catching the disease is inevitable, but I will continue to resist it as best that I can.

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