Did the Earth Move for You?

Earthquake Damage by Shefali Lincoln on Unsplash

A whole lot of shaking going on… Well, maybe not so much. Yesterday afternoon, Anne heard a boom or two. I was listening to the radio, so, I hardly heard anything at all. We went outside to see what was going on and our next-door neighbor was just about to take her dog for a walk, we asked Molly if she had heard anything. She thought that she might have heard thunder and the ground was wet from a recent shower, so I figured that that must have been that. We ended up having a nice long talk with her, in which we learned that the police had been to our house, twice, last Saturday and even went into our backyard to check things out. This was the first that we had learned of this. Saturday was a warm and windy day. I had opened some of the storm windows, including one in our bedroom. I found out today that the house alarm had been triggered while we were out, but we never heard anything about it from the cops and the alarm reset itself. Today, I found evidence of two motion detected events in the alarm’s log. “It must have been the wind officer.” Molly said that she was awoken recently when she saw a policeman checking out things around her house at three in the morning. Her alarm hadn’t gone off, but the people who she bought the house from, their alarm had gone off in their new house and their alarm company hadn’t updated their address. After our chat, she texted Anne to tell us that her friends had told her that there had been an earthquake. It was only a minor one, less than three, with an epicenter twenty miles west of us, but it was enough to make the news.

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