Giant Deep-Sea Pill Bug

Giant Deep-Sea Isopod – Rollie-Pollie the Size of a Dinner Plate

We are flying home today. This time via Orange County’s John Wayne Airport. We had to get up early, to catch our flight, but not as early as on the way out. Monday night’s storm in Monterey has raced eastward to meet us again in Saint Louis when we get there. As it turns out the forty minutes that we stood outside in the drizzling rain only netted a tenth of an inch of rain. It seemed like more at the time. It will be thunderstorms today, with the possibility of tornadoes in Saint Louis. This post’s photo is of a giant underwater pill bug that was part of the aquarium’s new In the Deep show. Much bigger than their familiar terrestrial backyard cousins, these isopods were bigger than my hand and ranged in size up to that of a dinner plate. The aquarium displayed them in a touch pool, but I neglected to participate with any of that.

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