Bloody-Belly Comb Jelly

Bloody-Belly Comb Jelly

Stormy weather! In the morning just Anne and I and a few hundred of our closest friends descended upon the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A few other people had the same idea. Who knew? It actually rained today. Most of it fell while we were waiting in line to get into the aquarium, but we managed to stay mostly dry in our rain jackets. Once in, the place was mobbed, but we were patient and got to see most if not all of the aquarium. The place’s new show was entitled In the Deep and feature animals from the deepest recesses of the ocean. Pictured is a red luminescent jelly. The aquarium seems rather proud of itself for managing to keep these deep-sea creatures alive. We hung out there as long as we could until hunger bade us leave in search for food. We ate at a breakfast-lunch place that was fine. Then we headed over to Pacific Grove where Anne bought fabric for another new quilting project. Everyone dined out for dinner at the Rio Grill again. What with our late lunch, Anne and I only ordered appetizers to eat for dinner. Returning home, the wind had come up. The rain is gone, but with the wind it will still be a wild night. The bathroom vents sound like screaming cats.

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