Back on the Bikes… Finally!

Bike Path

After about a two-year hiatus, due to the pandemic, we got back on our bikes again. We stopped riding, because we didn’t want to have an accident that landed us in the ER during Covid. Feeling more confident now and accompanied with warmer weather, we decided that it was time to ride. Our planned course was as easy as we could make it, just across the park and back again. I felt a little wobbly when first I mounted my bike, but it soon came back to me, like riding a bicycle. We headed out, crossed the park and headed to the central west end, where Anne had an errand. Afterwards, turning around, we decided to stop for an owl prowl. The front page of the paper featured a photo of this year’s two new owlets. It was a great shot. In the article, we learned that they had been named, Betty and Sidney in remembrance of Betty White and Sidney Poitier, who have both recently passed away. We didn’t see either of the owlets, but we did see Charles, their father. Always a creature of habit, he was easy to find, sitting in his current favorite tree. After searching for the owlets some more, we decided to bag it and head over to the boathouse for some liquid refreshment. It is still only open for outdoor seating, but the weather was warm enough to enjoy that. In fact, it was warm enough to seek shade. We joked with the other patrons that if it is this warm in March, how hot will it be come July? It is scheduled to fully open next month. While sipping our drinks, we watched a seemingly out-of-control controlled burn, across Post-Dispatch Lake, on Wildlife Island. At least there the fire would halt at the water’s edge. Mounting our bikes for the ride home, we both began to feel the aftereffects of our two-year biking hiatus, while we slowly, but surely limped home again.

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