Lincoln’s Dilemma

In 1860 Leonard Wells Volk made molds of the face and hands of Abraham Lincoln. The life mask reproduces Lincoln’s beardless face as it appeared during his first presidential campaign. This 3D representation of this mask is provided by Sketchfab, a website that sells 3D models and can be linked to from within a WordPress website. In addition to the objects that are for sale, numerous other objects, such as this one, are available for free. This mask can be rotated.

In honor of Presidents Day, I watched the four-part docuseries, Lincoln’s Dilemma, now streaming on Apple TV+. This series documents how Lincoln’s thoughts about slavery evolved and how he eventually was able to pass the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery. When first elected Lincoln was not in favor of abolishing slavery, but merely preventing its spread into the unincorporated western territories. This series dwells heavily on Lincoln’s relationship with the black abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who helped move Lincoln in the right direction. I’m not sure that I really understand what Critical Race Theory is, but I imagine that this docuseries qualifies as being part of it and I don’t think that it is a bad thing or something that our children need to be shielded from. The history of slavery and the subsequent history of the Civil Rights movement, for better or worse, is an important part of American history and needs to be taught.

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