Tax Man

Tax Man – Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I filed our taxes today. They are pretty simple nowadays, since we don’t itemize anymore. We spent a little less than the year before, which was also less than the year before that. This is a good thing, what with inflation raising its ugly head again after so many years. I always try to file as early as I can, to avoid tax fraud scammers and I would have filed even earlier, except for a delay in receiving a needed W-2 form. Well actually, it was a 1099 form for my 401K, but I figured that more people are more familiar with W-2s than they are with a 1099. My former employer had decided to get out of the business of managing my 401K and shipped those duties out to a brokerage firm that I happened to already be doing business with. That was convenient. What was not convenient was that this transfer kind of balled up the whole tax filing process, but they got their part done within their legal time limit, so I shouldn’t be complaining too much. We’re due another big fat refund, marginally fatter than last year, by $22. So, all-in-all 2021 was a good year, at least financially. Actually, it was a good year all around, we got to travel again. I got to see all my family in California and there was Maren and David’s wedding, followed closely with their joyous announcement that they are expecting a baby, our first grandchild. Plus, both Anne’s and my 90+ year old lived another year,

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