Home Sweet Home

Homesteading On the Prairie

David and Maren closed on their house this week and while their new property is hardly in the same realm as the pictured humble sod house, it is their first home. They are property owners now, part of the landed gentry. I believe that they will be taking their time to move into the new house. There are a number of things that they would like fix up or change first. Trust me, home renewal is a lot easier without a lot of furniture in the way. They will probably move a little at a time, filling the way back of their RAV4 with stuff on each trip. Meanwhile, here out on the prairie or at least the edge of it, we strive not to freeze. Today, is another day of single digit temperatures. You know what really burns my butt? Usually, it is our RAV4’s seat heaters on high, but now it is so cold out that high feels rather tepid. My informal survey with a statistically insufficient sampling size revealed this morning that we are the coldest place in America, at least among our more northernly friends and relatives. Most locales we beat out with raw actual temperatures, but sometimes we have to resort to wind chill to be the coldest. This too will pass and soon we’ll return to more balmier temperatures.

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