Badlands Storm Clouds

Badlands Storm Clouds

There must be something in the water, because after more than thirty years, babies are popping out everywhere, or at least they soon will be. Yesterday, we got a holiday card from another of Anne’s cousins announcing her impending grand-motherhood. That makes four so far this year and it is only January and three of them are due in April. We’ll be looking forward to a big baby boom this year. In other news, it is cold. How cold, you ask? Way, too cold, single digit cold and if you factor in the wind chill, negative single digit cold. I listened to Joe Biden’s press conference yesterday, all two hours of it. I think that he did pretty good with it certainly better than anything that the former guy could have done. Speaking of the former guy, it looks like they are really coming for him. Between the NY AG’s subpoenas being handed down and the Supremes siding with the J6 committee and just today the Atlanta prosecutor empaneling a grand jury, it is beginning to look like a real horse race between competing prosecutors as to whom will get to send him to jail first. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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