Boys in a Pasture

Boys in a Pasture, Winslow Homer, 1874

Milestone Sunday! This morning, I took my last two prescribed eyedrops related to my cataract surgery. This week I will see the doctor one more time. I hope that the stents that he implanted will alleviate me from having to do the glaucoma eyedrops in the future too. I’m currently not taking them in order to test the stents. My pharmacy has been nagging me to pickup my refill for those drops, but I might not need them anymore. That is my hope. In addition to this milestone, Anne and I put away Christmas, mostly. We left the LED lights up on the windows, because Anne likes their colors. Speaking of LEDs, I changed a lightbulb, the one on the kitchen’s ceiling. It may not sound like much, but it evolved into more than an ordeal than expected. I had had a 75-watt compact florescent bulb in the fixture before, but I wanted to upgrade to an LED. This necessitated a trip to the store to buy some and of course this being Sunday the store was slammed. I decided to go whole hog and upgraded to a 100-watt bulb. It really made for a nice difference. The kitchen is so much brighter now. I have high hopes for this coming year. I hope that it will be better than the last two.

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