Both Sides Now

Density Hourglasses

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now and have come to the conclusion that I will need cheaters soon. Right now, my left eye is farsighted, while my right eye is still nearsighted. At times this is a little disorienting, but mostly it is the best of both worlds. I can see at distance better than I ever could and I can still stick my nose in my iPhone and read the tiniest of print. Somehow my mind is able to automatically choose the correct eye to see through. At one point prior to this week’s surgery, I had even suggested this scenario as an endgame, but my doctor only scoffed at that idea. I think that the main disadvantage of this outcome is that I would effectively be giving up on my binocular vision, with its corresponding sense of depth perception for a mismatched pair of monocular visions. I think that in the end readers would be the more acceptable choice.

Omicron has arrived in Saint Louis. Yesterday, the area’s first case was reported in the City of Saint Louis. Vaccines don’t fail me now! I knew that this variant would eventually arrive here, but had not expected it so soon. On the bright side of this dark cloud, yesterday also recorded the largest number of shots given in a single day, ever. The pharmacies are overwhelmed by the demand. There is no minute like the last minute, better late than never.

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