The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Patricia Matin, 2021

On our journey west last summer along Route 66, one of my favorite stops was old Santa Fe. This historic town is rich in art and artists. Nowhere is this truer than along Canyon Road, which is lined with art galleries for miles. The artwork embodied in one of these galleries is featured in this post, Marin Feather Fine Art. This artist practices the art of feather art, also known as arteplumaria. It is an ancient and elegant art form from the Aztec and early colonial periods of what is now Mexico. Native artist would collect the molted feathers that would become their palette. We met the artist, Patricia Marin Miranda, at her gallery enjoyed a nice conversation with her. We were all newly vaccinated at the time and were collectively reveling in the new found freedom that the vaccines gave us, not realizing yet how transitory that freedom would be.

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