Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Last night there was a partial lunar eclipse. It peaked here around 3 AM, but I didn’t see it until an hour later. So, it was significantly reduced in effect. Anne woke me up, my friendly neighborhood lunatic. She went upstairs to view it, but I went outside and into the freezing night. I think that I got the better view and when we both got into bed, I snuggled up to her, to ensure that we were both equally cold. I’ve added a photoshopped reflection in order to jazz up the shot.

I got my bloodwork’s lab results back today and I am grossly normal. Hurrah! Which is not the same as normally gross, but I’m probably that too. I had a couple of readings that were outside the normal range, but other normal readings indicated that these abnormal results were not important.

In other news, I did the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving today. The tab wasn’t all that bad. With all of the talk about inflation, especially at the grocery store, I have noticed that my bills there are higher than what they use to be, but I don’t think that I can attribute all of that to inflation. Unless we are speaking of inflated appetites. Since the pandemic, I have been spending more time and money with cooking. It has led to better eating, but also more expensive eating too. Anyway the bill for this years turkey dinner will not be as expensive as past years have been. Partly, because there will be fewer diners, but also because we already have many of the necessary ingredients. 

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