Primate Canopy Trails

Guereza Colobus Monkeys – Mother and Child

We went to the zoo yesterday. Our mission was to check out the new Primate Canopy Trails exhibit, which had opened earlier this year. Attached to the Primate House, one of the original zoo buildings, it really updates the environment for the smaller primates that live there. As the name implies this new exhibit had has overhead wire mesh tubes that connect various open-air enclosures to the indoors. It appears that there are about half-a-dozen outside enclosures, with a configurable overhead tube system connecting them to the inside. When we first arrived, none of the animals were outside, it being too cold for their tropical sensibilities. We checked back later though and some of the different kinds of primates had emerged. Some were bolder than others. Some came outside, but then decided that it was still too cold for them and then retreated inside again. In-between visits to the Primate Canopy Trails we toured the rest of the zoo, which wasn’t very crowded. The weather was sunny, for the first time in a while and many of the animals were content to snooze in the sun.

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