Finally, a Wedding Update


I guess that it is high time that I actually write a blog post, instead of just posting photographs. Cabin tradition holds that we take a group photo of everyone, before we each depart to our separate lives again. As per usual though, we end up missing a few people. For this photo, Harry and Jane had already departed for the night and they headed straight away back to Ann Arbor in the morning. Not to worry, I’m sure that the professional wedding photographers got plenty of pictures of everyone at the wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding. I want to thank Maren and her parents, Bruce and Kim, for doing all of the work that it took to pull it off so successfully. I want to also thank all of the family and friends who made it to the wedding, I hope that everyone had a good time. I know that I did and I didn’t even go to the after-party. The best story came from after the after-party. One of Dave’s four groom’s men, left the after-party early and went back to the Air B&B, locked the door and fell into a deep sleep. When the other three groom’s men showed up, they could wake him and couldn’t get in, until they remembered that they had left a window open. Two of the groom’s men were men of color, so it fell to the one white guy to climb through the window and unlock the front door. A police cruiser did pass by, but didn’t stop.

The wedding was held in Maren’s hometown, Geneva, New York. The venue was the Cracker Factory, a repurposed factory building that actually was originally a knife factory. Friday’s, rehearsal dinner was held in the back room, while the ceremony and reception were held in the main room. I sprung for Uncle Joe’s pizza for the rehearsal dinner. The chuppah that Dan and Brit brought looked fantastic and Anne’s canopy fit perfectly. It rained the day of the wedding, but a little moisture couldn’t dampen anyone’s mood. The food at the wedding was excellent and Bruce supplied the wine with supper. Bruce is a vintner and a professor at Cornell, where he teaches and researches vintology.

We spent two nights in Rochester before the wedding and one afterwards. Our friends, Alice & Chris and Bob & Noreen room and boarded us, along with Joanie, who traveled from Saint Louis with us. Thank you very much! Also, going and coming to New York, we spent one night each staying near Columbus, Ohio at Joanie’s sister Max and husband Kevin’s house. Again, thank you very much. The whole trip took a week.

Sunday, on the morning after the wedding, Bruce and Kim hosted a brunch at their home. After the previous night’s festivities, it seemed that the crowded had an unquenchable thirst for coffee. It was then that Anne presented the MAD quilt to Maren and David that she had made for them. Finally finishing it, the morning of the wedding. There is no moment like the last moment. It was a fantastic wedding. And Maren and Dave make a lovely couple. I am quite sure that they will have a wonderful life together.

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