Monumental Dawn

Monument Valley Dawn

Today is the day-of-days the day that Anne is going to finish the MAD quilt. In reality, she could let it slide until tomorrow, but I think that she’ll finish it today. It is a king-sized quilt, making it her most monumental quilting project ever. She has worked hard on it and I’m pleased for her that she will get it done in time. It looks beautiful. That will give her one day more to get packed and do everything else that she needs to get done, before we hit the road. We had a Zoom call with Harry, Jay and Carl today. They are all in Ann Arbor, at Harry’s place. Jay and Carl had some monumental news too. We’ll see them all in real life later this week. Joanie swung by while we were Zooming to drop off some Maull’s barbeque sauce that I’ll load in the car for our journey east. Maull’s is a local brand. It is for her sister and brother-in-law, who live in Ohio and who we’ll stay with on the way to-and-from New York. It’s turned warm here again for the weekend, but the heat is supposed to break tomorrow and if it doesn’t, we’ll be heading to cooler climes soon enough anyway. The photo of Monument Valley with this post was only minimally Photoshopped. The fiery dawn sky was a by-product of forest fire smoke. The forest service was doing controlled burns. Rangers from National Parks from hundreds of miles away were complaining about the haze these fires created.

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