Glam Gal

New Toes and Old Heels

Joanie took Anne to get her very first pedicure today. Better late than never, I say. In truth, I once painter her toe nails, but apparently that doesn’t count. First, I didn’t have a salon and I’m not Vietnamese. She is seen here styling her new nails, while wearing some heels that she already had. Wearing these shoes makes her taller than me, but we’ll have to see if they make her taller than her sisters too. Speaking of her sisters, the bedazzled Chucks arrived today also. Thank you, Jay! Anne plans on wearing the heels for the wedding ceremony, but then switching over to the Chucks, hopefully before she falls over.

While she was out getting pampered at the nail salon, I was in the kitchen cooking. Yesterday, Caroline, our neighbor, came over with bag of her farm fresh produce. She has a farm in Illinois. I Cuisinarted the tomatoes and peppers that we got to make gazpacho, like I did with the last batch that we received. Only this time, I tried a different recipe, one that includes watermelon. I’m letting the gazpacho chill until lunch tomorrow. The other meal I prepped will be dinner tonight, pasta night. The one food group that Weight Watcher really seems to hate are starches, like bread, potatoes and pasta. Cruising the pasta aisle this morning, I happened upon a couple of Weight Watchers friendly pasta substitutes. One is a penne style pasta and is made from cauliflower and while not points free, it is certainly less expensive than traditional wheat pasta. The other type of “pasta” I got is a linguine made from hearts of palm and it is zero points. The prep that I did this morning, was to Cuisinart a huge skirt steak that we’ve been noshing on for several days already and was beginning to get repetitive, essentially making hamburger out of it. I’ll cook up the pasta sauce tonight and start with the hearts of palm noodles.

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