Pfizer Pfanatics

Get Protected. Get your Vaccine today!

I got my flu shot today, finally. On Sunday, Anne received hers too. She just walked in and took a jab in the arm. She said it was crowded, but she got it done, easy peasy. For me, it wasn’t quite so easy. With the onslaught of Pfizer Pfanatics that the CDC has unleashed for booster shots, Walgreens stopped taking walk-ins and you now need an appoint to get a shot. On Monday, when I unsuspectedly walked into Walgreens, I was turned away. I had to scan a QR code that took me to the Walgreens website for making vaccination appointments. My first go at it was not too successful, because I ended up making an appointment in Chicago. Finally, I got it worked out and got an appointment for today and in the correct store. It was still a madhouse today, with more people queuing up for vaccinations than for prescriptions, but I succeeded. I wonder when the J&J vaccine will get approved for boosters?

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