General Sherman

General Sherman

The world’s biggest tree—the 2,500-year-old giant sequoia known as General Sherman—has been wrapped in protective foil in a last-ditch attempt to save it from a rapidly approaching wildfire. The Colony Fire was expected to reach California’s famous Giant Forest on Thursday, and firefighters have put an aluminum wrapping around the base of General Sherman and some other of the ancient sequoias in Sequoia National Park ahead of the fire’s arrival. The park is now closed by the fire, but we were able to visit it in May. It was dry then, but we were allowed to have a camp fire then. Our biggest fear was that of our RAV4 being attacked by ethylene glycol guzzling marmots. Yes, really! They are a problem in the park. 

It is quite the opposite here in Saint Louis. We’ve had so much rain that all of the vegetation is quite lush and green. Normally, by the end of the summer things have dried out, but not this year. For example, last night we drove to Forest Park. One of my astronomy apps had alerted me that a recent Starlink launch would be passing overhead. In May, when we were out west, we saw a line of them pass over us at the Grand Canyon. They were impressively bright, but then the Grand Canyon is a dark sky park. Anyway, I figured that we would be able to see them here, even with all of the light pollution from the city. We drove to the central ballfields for a good field-of-view. Unfortunately, we did not see them. What we did find were way too many mosquitos. They were so bad that even Anne was bothered by them. What we also found was the setup for the balloon festival, which is back on this year. Tonight, is the balloon glow, where tethered balloons fire off their jets and light up the night. It is reportedly the most attended event in Forest Park for the year. I asked Anne if she wanted to go, but she declined fearing that it would be a super spreader event with all of the unvaccinated that are about. On Saturday, they do the balloon launch, which is a much more spread-out event and would be safer to attend. We might do that, it I can tear Anne away from her sewing machine.

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