Button Bush

Is it just me or is everything these days just another reminder of the Corona virus? Yesterday, the Pfizer vaccine got full approval for adults, green lighting the inevitable next phase of the vaccination program, making everyone get the vaccine. The government and the medical establishment have tried exhorting everyone and anyone into volunteering to take the vaccine, but too many people have balked at that idea. All sorts of carrots have been tried, mostly to no avail, now it is time to bring out the stick. Mandates are a coming. The biggest implementer of these mandates will likely be your employer and not the Federal government. You know the outfit that pays for your healthcare? I would think that they will be jumping at the opportunity of not having to shell out the bucks for your month long stay in an ICU. Self employed or your employer doesn’t provide health coverage? There are still other sticks to wield. How about not being allowed eat out, go to a show or enter a store? That’s what British Columbia has announced. They may be the first, but they certainly won’t be the last. Those index-sized cards that the CDC gives you once you have been fully vaccinated aren’t that difficult to forge. I supposed that some people will go that route, until the fully vaccinated Apps appear. This year in NYC, you will soon need to have one of those Apps on your phone and show that you’re vaccinated to the maître de before you’ll be seated. Living the hermit’s life will get pretty old, pretty fast. Especially, when everyone else is enjoying the end of the pandemic without you.

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