Trans-Superior Race

Trans-Superior Race

This morning, I posted an unnamed and unattributed painting of an aerial view of a group of sailboats. It was an artwork that is on display in the halls of Harry’s new place. I don’t know where or what exactly it is supposed to represent, but I posted it in the aspirational thought that I could duplicate it today in real life. The Trans-Superior sailboat race launched from the Soo this afternoon. Destination Duluth. There must have been at least twenty boats lined up for the race. We got there early enough to fly the drones as the boats milled about before start time. I flew first, while Dan and Britt were still setting their drone up. I’ve posted the best shot that I could get. After my drone was some 3,000+ feet away, it started to complain about weak signal strength. So, the above picture represents about as close to the boats as I was able to get. I wish that I could have gotten closer. Dan and Britt with their bigger drone, were able to go a lot further, about 6,000+ feet, before they began getting weak signal strength messages too, but I sensed that even they were a little disappointed with this limitation. On the way back, I got a little lost and flew my drone close to the Point Iroquois Lighthouse. They must have heard it up there, because a docent came down to speak with me. Even though we have had received permission to fly in the past, she claimed that it was not permitted. I was packing up by that time anyway. When the race actually began, the boats came a lot closer to us, but we were all packed up by then. Live and learn.

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