4th of July

It’s a Beach Day

Cabin update: Dave and Maren left the cabin and then Jay, Carl, Rey, Becca, Corwin, Ashlan and Allen arrived. Cooking for this new mob is a chore and a half. Fortunately, after the first night, I haven’t had to. Yesterday, Dashie and Charles threw their annual 4th of July bash and tonight, Jay is taking everyone out to dinner. Today is both Jay and Carl’s (36th) and Anne’s and my (41st) anniversary. We celebrated Anne and Bill’s anniversary (39th) the other day, with a lovely, if relatively low key luncheon at Twisted Sister in town. It was nice. A lot has been happening. Dan and Britt had nice enough weather to sail in and I flew my drone out to meet them. Our proximity to the Canadian airport meant that I had to jump through a bunch hoops that the drone had put up, to fly the thing, but I promised my first born as collateral and was able to fly.

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