Anne and Alice’s Arbor

Anne, Alice and Chris at the U of M Bell Tower

We met Alice and Chris for breakfast at Avalon, which is the current occupant of the Pretzel Bell Building. In some small part of repaying their largesse of the night before, I picked up the tab. After breakfast we wandered about downtown Ann Arbor. So much has change since the forty years that we have lived here and almost forty for A&C. We looked at places and were left either trying to remember what they had been or in the case of Afternoon Delight, amazed that they were still a going concern. We managed to get into the Michigan League and used their bathrooms. Afterwards, we decided that we should head back to the car, because we had already exceeded our two-hours parking time limit. Sure enough, we had a ticket. I moved the car to the library lot and then continued our trip down memory lane. After the law quad, we went our separate ways. Anne was concerned that Harry might be getting worried about us among other things. We’ll see Chris when we get back home and Alice in October at the wedding. After we got back to Chéz Harry’s, we awaited the next rising tide. First Jay and Carl arrived, but soon after the movers did too. Four very big guys in an even bigger truck came. Two pianos and three couches later they were done. All of this furniture was in the basement and went out the basement door, up a rough uneven set of flagstones and then down to their truck that was pretty much blocking the service drive. The hardest item to move was Jay’s old piano. This team of four were a huffing and a grunting to beat the band, trying to manhandle this piano up the flagstones. It was like a chant. At one point one of their numbers suggested stopping and resting, but the biggest among them yelled, “No! Momentum, momentum!” The pharoh while building his pyramids couldn’t have done better. They did get it all into the truck.

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