King Lear

King Lear – Publicity Still

Wednesday night, we went to see King Lear. Performed outdoors in Shakespeare Glen, weather is always a factor. We tried to go last Saturday night, but the weather gods said no, all the while hurling hundreds of lightning bolts down. At least I think that the show was cancelled that night. The baseball game got called, so too I figure the play. Wednesday’s night weather was much nicer, if fact it was perfect, not too hot and not too cold and no rain. This year, because of Covid and like so many other places, I had to make a reservation. I actually liked this new system better than the old. I reserved a pod for up to six people. There were five of us, Anne and I, Dan and Britt, and Dan’s friend Vicki. Pat and Joanie were also at the play that night and they had their own pod on the other side of the glen. I guess that you call all of us the pod people. Lear is not one of my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays. It is too dark and brooding for my tastes, but I can see that it is an actor’s play, especially actors of a certain age. In this production the setting was moved to Africa, think Wakanda, and the characters all played by black actors. This venue change did add some novelty to the show.

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