Mid Summer

Mid Summer, Dolores Purdy, 2018 – Colored pencil and india ink on ledger

Midsummer is upon us. The actual solstice has already passed, but I need more than one day to mark this my favorite time of the year. I’ve chosen this colorful and aptly named painting to accompany this post. It is from Santa Fe and is part of La Fonda, our hotel’s, excellent collection. It is an example of ledger art, so named because it was created on ledger paper and is a common art form among the Plains Indians and is a continuation of their older drawings on animal skins.

Dan and Britt arrived in the middle of the night, having driven straight through from NYC. They were slowed by rain, so instead of arriving at midnight, it wasn’t until much later that they got here. It is an ill wind that blows no good, so the rain that they encountered on their drive also brought with it a cold front. It is really quite pleasant out now. I could even turn off the air conditioner for the first time since we returned from out west. Hopefully, it will last for a few days, before the mercury climbs back up to its usual lofty summertime perch. They are going to hangout in the Lou for a week, visiting with friends, before we all head up north to Michigan and the cabin.

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