The Gathering Place Theater

The Gathering Place Theater

We booked tickets to Boston for Maren’s bridal shower. We plan of flying to-and-from Detroit. This won’t be a part of our first cabin trip, but the second, as yet unannounced one. We ended up speaking with Dan soon afterwards. I think Anne wanted to know, if he planned to attend the shower too. She caught him driving back from the lumber yard, with a Prius full of maple. He is going to build a bedframe, for Britt’s and his new place. They had to make four or five trips up the five flights to their apartment and being a hardwood, maple is heavier than pine. The plan is to cut the wood on the roof or the 6-th floor. He has been working an really interesting new reality TV show, but I have been placed under a cone of silence about that. It is Hot, Hot, Hot here in the Lou. We did a neighborhood walk in the morning. Near the end of it, we met a man, who was typing on his laptop in his front yard. I asked if he was working, but no, he is on vacation this week. He was writing. It was about something that involved, aesthetics, nature and religion. By day, Jason is a surgeon at St. Mary’s, but I guess that he has a more metaphysical aspect too. It turns out that he and I once treaded some of the same parts of California, like Mount Tamaulipas and Big Sur. Anne and Joanie knitted in public later in the day. In the evening, next door neighbor’s Art and Caroline threw an ice cream social, in honor of their daughter’s, Gracie, middle school graduation.

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