The Fog

Monterey after Sunset

Tuesday night there was a full lunar eclipse here on the west coast. It was supposed to be total at 4AM local. We were all set, but the fog rolled in and obscured everything. In this still relatively clear photo of Monterey after sunset, you can see the fog as a black band, between the city’s lights below and the the sunset’s after glow above. Today was a quiet day, we whiled away the morning, doing laundry, while Anne showed John what she had learned through Ancestry about my side of the family and then later family photos. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick bite for lunch, before Anne and I stepped out. We went to Pacific Grove, where Anne went to check out a yarn store. The pandemic has not been kind to yarn stores in Saint Louis, closing so many near us that apparently one of the closest ones still remaining open is this one Anne visited today. Unfortunately, it did not stock enough of her yearned for yarns, so Anne left empty handed. We later bought a much prized chocolate ice cream cake to belatedly celebrate Dad’s birthday, in downtown Monterey. Our next stop was the Safeway, where we restocked with food and beverage in preparation for the arrival of Dave and Maren today. As I finish this post, looking outside, we are fogged in again now. Warm days create fog at night and for the warmth, I’ll take the fog with the warmth. The weather is different out here.

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