Boardwalk Empire

The Shockwave

We visited Santa Cruz today. Located at the north end on Monterey bay, it has a whole different vibe than its southern bookend on the bay. It is forty miles away from Monterey and on an exceptionally clear day, we can see the hills above it from the house. Home of the University of California Santa Cruz, this university town has earned the reputation for having students who major in both surfing and granola. Bicycling is a big deal there. Chris drove and we first headed to the marina, where the Crow’s Nest is located. A rather nice restaurant, where we have eaten before. I had the swordfish, which the restaurant claimed to be sustainable. Maybe they’re farming them now? Afterwards, we drove to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. This arcade was founded in 1907. Chris wanted to take photos, so, so did we. There is another photographer who Chris has been following, who also photographs Santa Cruz. He wanted to see if he could imitate her work. There were plenty of people about and plenty of amusement park rides for them to enjoy. The lines were long, so the ticket tellers must have had a problem keeping up. It was picturesque.

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