Elephant Rocks

Masked Rock Monster

On Monday, in addition to visiting Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park, we also paid a call on neighboring Elephant Rocks State Park. Here we took the time to climb about this park’s billion year-old rocks. Elephant Rocks was much more crowded than the Shut-ins had been and considering that it was a Monday, we were a little baffled at first by the crowd of school aged kids, until we realized that this is spring break week.

This park has a small paved trail that circles the majority of the granite rock formations. The park was once a working  quarry and a water filled quarry pit and numerous rockpiles of granite debris are still around. Many of the rocks have lines of holes in them that the masons made to split the boulders apart. Where Anne is seen standing many names and dates have been carved into the stone, commemorating when each mason obtained their master mason status. The place hasn’t operated as a quarry for over a hundred years now, so even were the rocks have been spit apart and the bright pink once interior stone is exposed, much of it is now covered by lichen.

Elephant Rocks

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