Blossoms Past and Present

Magnolia stellata

Spring has sprung and I offer you two different plant’s schemas for reproduction. The left pictured magnolia blossom in only one of millions on thousands of trees that have popped over the last week here in town.  Counterpoint to that flower, I offer up the Seedbox. Created last season it too stands ready to procreate this spring. As its name implies, the Seedbox has a almost perfect hexahedron shape, like dice, except that it only rolls snake eyes. I opened one and the individual seeds were nicely packed within, like you would expect flowers to be arranged in a box. The Seedbox photo is from our visit to the gardens on Friday, where they always have some most unusual plants. The magnolia blossom photo was taken Sunday in Tower Grove Park, which was very crowded. It was such a nice day. We exchanged texts with the kids that day, who were out-and-about on our respective Sunday excursions.


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