One More Week

Masked Mannequin

One more week until my vaccination immunity takes effect. One more week until I can get a haircut, for the first time in a year. One more week until I can go shopping again. President Biden tweeted today that a quarter of all adult Americans have received at least one vaccine shot. We got the J&J variety, so one is all we need. In one more week, it will have been two weeks since our immunization was given and it will then be considered effective. I’m not planning on going to Daytona or anything stupid like that, but I do plan to get out more. I’ve been using the shopping services of Instacart and Shipt for a year now and I may continue to use them yet, but I want to get back into the stores and see what’s new there and see what’s changed there. I’m also tired of trimming my own hair and look forward to getting a real haircut. Then there are the museums. I haven’t visited any in a year and I’m sure that they all have new shows by now. I’m sure that masks will be required for all of these things, but that’s OK. Wearing a mask is only a small price to pay for the freedom to do these things again. One more week to go, I can hardly wait.

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