Yellow Crocuses

Yellow Crocuses

These little yellow flowers are another bright sign of spring, after a particularly long, dark and cold winter. We have weathered a year of pandemic, but being newly vaccinated, we now look forward to the year to come. We look forward to traveling again. I’m looking forward to getting a haircut. We’ve made our first dentist appointment in more than a year. I’m ready to shed my hermit’s rags and get back out into the world again. Some patience is still required though. An internet search revealed that a two-week wait is required, before the vaccine takes effect and a full four-weeks are needed for full potency. So, I guess I’m going to miss spring break again this year. I so much wanted to party in Gulf Shores. In the meantime, I look forward to plotting and planning my return to society. What to do? Where to go? Who to see?

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