Artichoke Annie

Road Closed—Open to Abutters Only

Well, she is feeling better today. She even lost a pound or two, just by lying on the couch, but I wouldn’t recommend it though. After Thursday’s mini road trip and vaccination, Friday was a pretty low-res kind of day. About the title? On the way to Columbia and back, we passed Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall. Plus there was Auntie Annie’s bake shop in the mall. Just smelling it felt fattening.

I tried comforting her, but I only ended up annoying her. Letting her sleep all day seemed like the best medicine. That and playing sulcate¹ in Scrabble. Using all seven of my letter, letting the S do double duty and scoring a whopping 91 points. I say hit them while they’re down. This is Scrabble after all.

The photo is of a sign we saw in Boston. It was on a cul-de-sac there. It could have just said road closed to local traffic only or some such, but they had to get all fancy and use the word abutter², which is not some kind of a-hole,

  1. Marked with parallel grooves. “the margin is often sulcate”
  2. The owner of an adjoining property

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