Battling Bears

Sibling Rivalry

Orphaned grizzlies, brother and sister, Huck and Finley, were really going at it with each other. I think that they were just playing, but it was a roughhousing kind of play. They would chase each other back-and-forth and occasionally get up on their hind two legs and commence to wrestle, all the while biting at each other. In the end, having worn themselves out, they calmed down, but it was quite the sight while it lasted. Quite a crowd of people had gathered to watch.

The day before, we had gone to the gardens, which were almost completely empty, but there were more people at the zoo than I expected. Everyone was masked, except for the little kids, who had no concept of social distancing. We stayed outside and tried to social distance, so hopefully things will be alright.

Like with the gardens, it has been a year since we last visited the zoo. Unlike with the gardens not much seems to have changed in that year. All of the statues are still roped off, but all of the buildings were open. They swapped cages between the Snow Leopard and the Mountain Lions, giving the two Mountain Lions more room, while the sole Snow Leopard has to make do with less. That must have been a tricky exchange to pull off. The new lemur exhibit is taking shape and looks way more impressive from the inside the zoo than from outside, but there is still a lot of work yet to be done. All-in-all it was a nice visit.

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