Winter Walking

Winter Walking

You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip-sliding away…

Especially at this time of year. Except for a couple of days at the nadir of this polar deep freeze of a cold snap we have gotten out to walk every day. The first day out was a real slog. We really were slip-sliding away, what with snow and ice still all over the place, but gradually, day-by-day, it has gotten better. Yesterday’s walk was mostly on dry pavement. The temps have been getting warmer too. We might even get above freezing for the first time in I can’t remember and the long range forecast looks even warmer. If you’re living day by day, long range is tomorrow. I wouldn’t dare to presume that we’re finding a way out of these winter woods yet. After all, it is still only February, but maybe, just maybe the intensity of winter’s weather will slacken a little bit. 

I had no idea Toyota’s “RAV4” was short for “Ravioli 4”

We really still love our year-old RAV4, even though we have hardly used it in the past year, but it does have a wee bit of a problem. I first noticed it last summer, whenever I gassed it, while up in Michigan. At the time, I dismissed it as a peculiarity of that state’s gas pumps, but then we received a notice from Toyota. They were explicit about not calling it a recall notice, but it sure sound like one or at least a heads up for one. What I noticed and what their notice described is that when filling up the tank, the tank does not get completely full. It only ever fills to 7/8 full. You can see it on the gas gauge and the car’s range is about fifty miles less than it was before. This only happens in the hybrid model, the kind that we have. It’s not a big problem and I was ready to live with their apparent wait-and-see attitude, but other owners weren’t and Toyota has now announced a warranty repair. I’ll have to get that done.

Apparently, Ted Cruz really does understand the idea that sometimes people need to cross the border, in order to escape inhospitable living conditions.

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