Death and Taxes

Gay Money

I did our taxes. We’ll be getting money back from the Feds and will still have to pay the state, but only a pittance. I didn’t know what to expect with this year’s taxes, because our income had changed so much last year. Anne worked less than she normally does, because of the pandemic and I started my social security. Overall, our spending was down last year, we didn’t do anywhere near as much travel as we normally do and didn’t buy that much stuff. Reduced spending, meant a reduced need for income. Because of the peculiarities of our revenue stream, I normally end up overpaying the Feds, but in this last year, not as much as in the past. We cover our state taxes through quarterly estimated tax payments. I thought that I had over paid these too, but instead they came out amazingly close to the right number. I was only off by $33. We e-filed, but I still wanted to print the taxes. Even though, once we file away the documents, we’ll likely never find them again. Unfortunately, we ran out of paper and now the printer sits patiently waiting for the Amazon man to arrive. Plus, we’ll have to figure out what to do with our gay money refund when it arrives. The other good news about our taxes is that those stimulus payment that we got are not taxable.

That’s the taxes half of this post, now for the death part or more accurately the avoidance of such part. Anne got an email from the county health department indicating that she is now in line to get vaccinated, at some time in the indefinite future. I have not yet received any similar email. She had signed us both up for vaccines a few weeks ago and this was their first response. She signed herself up first and then signed me up too. So far those few minutes’ difference in signing up is stretching into days differences. I hope that this delay doesn’t eventually translate into weeks differences in getting shots in arms. I called the health department and them and their email server are swamped and I am left with nothing else to do except refresh my email browser. Poor, poor pitiful me—The county has just announced that they are halting further new vaccination, because they have not received any more vaccine since mid-January.

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