Nancy Anne

Kansas City Walkway

Anne didn’t sleep well last night, because she had had a bad dream. She was Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol insurrectionists had captured her and were holding her prisoner. They even took away her warm winter coat and she was cold. [Probably at this point, the known bedding terrorist, Mark had rolled over taking the covers with him.] Anyway, they had her sitting on the floor, seated on an American flag. Anne asked if it would be alright if she wrapped the flag around her shoulders, instead of sitting on it. That would be more respectful of it. The deplorables okayed that. Then entering her teacher mode, she tried to reach out to them and engage them in conversation. She asked them how many states had they visited and told them that she has been in thirty-seven. At this point, she had about had it with this MAGA crowd and and decided to wake up. Which she did and then went to the bathroom, but had trouble falling asleep again after.

Hopefully, I’ve gotten the particulars of her dream right, but I’m not going to have her proof this post, just to be sure. You know that it has got to be a slow news day, when I lead with one of Anne’s dreams. We’ll get out today for a walk. We’ve missed the past two days and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. So, today is the day. In other news, Missouri is 49th with vaccinations, beating only Nevada, but heck we have Josh Hawley instead. Even Alabama is doing better.

If we were vaccinated, we could do so much more and I could then blog about it. I understand that a vaccine isn’t a panacea. We would still have to wear masks and there are some thing that I still wouldn’t do, like go to the theater, or a crowded bar. But a quiet hole-in-the-wall bar, at say three in the afternoon, I think that that would be alright. We could go places and do things again. The zoo should be fine, especially if you always stay outside. I think that if we were careful, we could even swing a trip, at least a road trip. I’d like to visit my dad first, but there are lots of other places to visit too, but first we need to get some needles in our arms and get rid of Josh Hawley.

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