Bob’s Burgers


Insurrection, impeachment, inauguration and always on a Wednesday. In the last few weeks, we’ve passed through fire, taken out the trash and restored good governance. Hump day has really been the focus of attention so far this year. I wonder what next Wednesday will bring. Yesterday, after the inauguration, we went for a walk. It was supposed to be warm, well, at least it wasn’t too cold. We walked in Forest Park. We parked by Post-Dispatch Lake. Then following the park’s circuitous waterways, clinging to their riparian corridor, we eventually made it to Steinberg rink. Where I fashioned a snowball from its Zamboni scrapings, threw it at Anne, missed her and being the good person that she is did not reciprocate. Then we followed the course of the “new” inner bike loop back to the car. Part of it is new, the part that replaces the part of the loop that use to go through the middle of the golf course. The new part of this loop goes by the central ballfields. Then it joins the remains of the old inner loop that courses by the Jewel Box, upper Muny lot and then drops down to the Boathouse, Post-Dispatch Lake and our car. The inner loop goes on from there, but we didn’t. Not many birds, but enough. Anne filled her quota of species. She likes to count.

Today our dance card is full. Lunch with Bob, followed by Zoom meeting with Corwin, et. al. Aren’t we quite the social butterflies? Bob was in town for business. We met him for burgers. Not Whataburger fare, they are no longer in town, but great shot from the archives, if I do say so myself. Instead, we opted for our go to pandemic fast food purveyor, Barrio, in the De Mun neighborhood. In this serialized portrayal of life, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Anyway, the Zoom meeting with the king of cuteness isn’t scheduled until after this post goes to press, so tune in tomorrow for more news of the world. Hear all about it!

On Monday, the county expanded its vaccination program. Later this week, our physicians announced that they would alert us through their My Chart app, when it will be our turn to get the vaccine. They are beginning with patients 75 and older. They also announced that they are now seeing sick patients again. They halted doing this at the start of the pandemic. Like who would want to go to the doctor when your sick? I assume that they feel confident enough to do this, because they have already been vaccinated. We’ll just sit back and wait our turn.

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