Royal Baboon

Tower of London Royal Baboon

In the past, the Tower of London once featured a Royal Zoo of sorts. It was never all that much, but over the years it fell into disrepair and was eventually discontinued. Hastening its dissolution were the baboons, who were always escaping from their cages. One such beast is seen here, rendered using chicken-wire. It is seen symbolically screeching from the rooftops at the gathered throng of tourists below. Nasty, nasty creatures those baboons.

Yesterday was the Feast of the Epiphany or Three King’s Day, the twelfth day of Christmas, when the three wise men paid their respects to the baby Jesus. For us the day started off on a high note when we received the good news from the twin Georgia runoff elections. Next, we enjoyed a pleasant stroll in Tower Grove Park. It was a welcomed relief after the day’s before more arduous trek, slip-sliding through the mud. Amazingly, it was our arms that were sore from all of the heavy hiking pole use. So, it was with a shock when we afterwards learned of the rioting at the Capitol. I turned on the TV, which droned on and on through the afternoon and evening reciting the litany of horrors that had occurred. In the end, in the wee hours of the night, Congress eventually accomplished what it had set out to do and Joe Biden’s victory was certified. At least in that regard the work of the terrorists who had attacked our democracy was thwarted.

There are still thirteen more days until Inauguration Day and I fear what might yet happen in that almost two weeks. The instigator-in-chief has shown zero remorse for his fomenting of yesterday’s chaos. Quite the contrary, reports hold that last night he was still chortling with glee at the halt in the proceedings of his replacement. I’m sure that the only downside he saw to the day was that he lost access to his Twitter account, which prevented him from more public gloating. No need for him to worry though, he still has the nuclear codes by his bedside.

I am not alone in fearing what further damage he might yet wrought. Calls for his immediate removal, either through a second impeachment or the 25th amendment have both been made, but I doubt that Congress or administration officials have the will for either action. We’ll just have to hope for the best. If he gets out of his Twitter timeout, he’ll resume spewing his lies and inflame further outrages. I’m sure he plans on pardoning anyone involved in yesterday’s violence, while thinking, so many more crimes to commit and so little time left.

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