Twelfth Night

Tonight is Twelfth Night or the Eve of Epiphany. The photos are from the past. Two pictures from two different productions of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The first was performed at the Rep and the second was Shakespeare in the Park. I’m really missing going out to the theater, but I don’t see any reopenings in the near future. We got a personal reminder of why this is, when we swung by the drive-by window at CVS. We had stopped at one of the two windows to pick up a prescription. Meanwhile, at the other window a guy was getting a Covid test.

Today was the pick day of the week weather-wise. So, we got out for a hike and returned to Don Robinson State Park. Last time, we hiked the red trail, so this time we hiked the blue trail, as in where in the blue blazes are the blue blazes. Last time when we were there, it had been dry. In-between then and now, we’ve had a lot of rain. The trails were very muddy today. Especially treacherous were the mixtures of mud and clay. Even with two hiking poles, I slipped twice, falling once. Don’t worry, I landed on my pride, which took all of the hit points. The mud probably explains why the parking-lot was not very full when we arrived at noon. On a more positive note, I got 11,780 steps on my pedometer.

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