‘Tis the Season—Grin and Bear It

T-Rex Close-up Via Drone Shot

Today is trash day, but not just any trash day. Today is the trash day that I also put out an envelope along with each can. Last week, I received a card from Curtis the recycling guy. I didn’t get one from the trash guy, because I didn’t have that cart out, but if I had, I assume I would have gotten one from him too. Anyway, these hauler’s cards are somewhat mercenary, but I know the drill. I should write a check. Because of his card, I know the recycle guy’s name, but I don’t know who our trash man is. So, I’ll just use cash for both of them, which is somewhat tricky, because even in an envelope I am somewhat leery about putting cash out on the curb. This smacks too much of just throwing away money. My plan is wait until I hear the truck lumbering us the street, banging cans along its way and then run out with the appropriate envelope. If I mess up and miss him, there is always next week. Like I said, this is not my first rodeo.

I learned something new about our waste services. Curtis only does our side of the street. He has a partner who does the other side. Who knew? Now I have to imagine these two big blue garbage trucks choreographing their day as they pirouette around our neighborhood. They cannot ever find themselves on the same street, because with parked cars, the road isn’t wide enough for them to pass each other. You know, it must be hell when they have to break in a new guy.

We actually have three carts, one for trash, one for recycling and one for yard waste. They come for all of them today, sequentially though. I once thought that it was just one guy who kept returning, again and again, but now I figure that it is six guys, working as a team. I am going to have to figure out what to do about the yard waste guy. Maybe as a start, I could rake up some of the many leaves?

I believe in thanking those who help you and this is the best time of year to do that. My mother always added a personal touch on these occasions. She knew everyone by name and could thank them, while regaling them with conversation about their families. She was doing more than just being nice. I like to emulate her in that. That’s why when these opportunities present themselves, I like to give. It doesn’t feel like an obligation—hey, the trash man just came by and picked up his envelope, one down and one yet to go!

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