Let’s be careful out there

Dan’s new to him Toyota Prius

We had a Zoom call with the boys and their significant others. We nailed down where everyone will be for the holidays (Hint: Not here). These thoughts of holiday travel led to talk about driving and then complaints about other drivers. It was decided that NYC drivers are now the worst, beating out Boston’s, but it was a close decision. Since, the pandemic things have gotten really bad. More people who weren’t driving before are now. Who wants to catch the subway and also catch Covid? Throw all these extra cars on the roads, mainly driven by relatively inexperienced drivers, who drive slower than some more seasoned NYC drivers think that they should leads to frustration. This extra traffic has driven these frustrated New York drivers to distraction and have led them to abandon all sense of the traffic rules. Stopping at a red light evokes one of the following responses. Either they honk at you for stopping at a red light or they go around you and run the red light or both. Maybe as a sop to Dave and his experience with wicked Boston drivers, Dan recalled in his opinion the worst driver that he ever met. He, of course it was a he, was from Boston, but when Dan met him, he was driving in LA. One of his most disturbing driving habits was to merge without even looking. Dan heard screeching tires every time he rode with this guy, but what really scared Dan out of ever riding with this guy again was a conversation that this guy related to him. This conversation was with a cop and this other guy wanted to ascertain what kind of behavior that the police used for pulling over a driver for a DUI, like how many lane changes or how much swerving or whatever else could constituted probable cause.

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  1. So…accordong go Dan, this “other guy” (worst driver ever from Boston) was asking a cop (in a convetsational way) what he had to do to be considered possibly incapacitated? In LA? How’d that go?

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