It’s That Day

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

The big news here is that Anne is not working the polls today. She wanted to be an election official, but was not called. She had already taken the training via Zoom. That training included a 911 call, when one of the other trainees had a home invasion during the meeting. Anne called the board of elections several times, including yesterday and was always reassured by the scheduler that she would be working today. Joanie called her late yesterday to announce that she had just secured a position, but the call never came for Anne. She even slept with her phone last night, just in case. She is of course disappointed. She felt that working this election was her civic duty, but there are fewer polls than normal this year, which require fewer poll workers. Her regular poll was one of the ones that was closed. I however am pleased with this outcome. Because of Covid, Anne was prepared to quarantine herself. After the polls closed, she was going to sleep upstairs and then get tested. Now that is not necessary.

Stop the presses!

The scheduler just called and Anne will be working the election after all. She’s scrambling to get ready now. Fortunately, her poll is close. It’s the school where she used to substitute. Maybe she’ll get to see some of her homies? I’ll drop her off and then long after this post publishes pick her up again tonight. Social media reports a long line there. It’s out the door and stretching for blocks. I guess they needed the big guns. One nice thing about this late call is that she didn’t have to get up at oh-dark-thirty this morning, like she normally would. 

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